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Prices are charged based on the square footage of engine measurements. If you are calling within a 50KM radius from us we are happy to come to you, beyond 50KM may be subject to a travel fee. Please provide EEB with a sketch of the exhaust system indicating the required dimensions. A sample sketch is shown below, for all other inquires please contact us. 

See the following instructions below that EEB requires for

piping, flexes, flanges, elbows and silencers. 

  • On elbows inside radius, outside radius and length measurements are best measured from welded seams or flanges

  • Each pipe and flange needs a circumference measurements or outside diameter 

  • Any hangers or brackets need a reference measurement from a weld point, flange or end of the muffler (as shown in drawing below) 

  • If turbos are being wrapped see the turbo details that are needed (as shown in drawing below) 


Material Data 

 Find the material data sheets below for the specs of the material used in the production of all our exhaust blankets. Along with this, 2 1/2” 14 gauge stainless steel lacing anchors with 18 gauge stainless steel wire is used to secure the exhaust blankets to the equipment. 

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